Recently Departed Souls

Sharron Elliot

Welcome to Veterans Life Story Recorder

Everybody has a lifestory.  Birth, Life and Death are preordained.  During Life, everyone of us experience a Life Story that is worth sharing with friends, family (private) and to even strangers (public).  So use this forum to present the Life Stories of your loved ones in a dignified and respectful manner. tries to capture all the relevant information for the deceased veteran and retains it for posterity. You can download an Instruction manual, and an Application Form. The Application Form is for those people who are not computer savvy and would like us to enter the data for them.

The data can be entered for someone recently deceased or someone who passed away a long time ago.

The data can also be entered for living persons and later activated by a person authorized by the living person.  Think of it as Transition Planning.

Profile viewing includes e-mailable profile page and family chart